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Synchronize Your Holiday Planning

(NAPSI)-Preparing for the holiday season can be a delightful task if you plan ahead. Between holiday parties, card mailings, kids' recitals, shopping for gifts, family gatherings and planning that perfect holiday meal, organization is key.

Forget the sticky notes and to-do lists posted all over the fridge and thrown into pockets and purses on your way out the door. More people are turning to handheld devices or PDAs to remember things for them. A PDA is a great place to keep all the little (and big) things in your life together. Many say the best part is that it does most of the work for you. All you have to do is fill in the blanks. Suddenly it's smooth sailing with everything in one place.

A PDA can make a perfect stocking stuffer. It weighs less than many traditional paper planners and holds years of appointments, thousands of addresses, to-do lists, and a Note Pad. No need to worry if you forget to charge the battery and it runs out; all the information is safe-nothing is lost.

Do you remember a time when you forgot to buy a gift or send a card to a friend or relative? With a PDA, your holiday to-do list, schedule and contacts can travel with you. Just organize your contacts using the handheld and create a category for those who receive holiday cards.

For the avid entertainer,

Tips to ease into the New Year with a PDA:

• Set alarms for daily events and appointments.

• Use the calendar to block off holiday preparation time.

• Keep color-coded schedules for your entire family's holiday parties and events.

• Entertain the kids with games or eBooks while on the road.

• Show off holiday photos.

• Stay committed to the weight- loss resolution using Carb Counter.

• Use your contacts to make a list of holiday and thank you cards to send out.

• Start the New Year on the right foot-make the decision to get organized.

A little organization can mean more time with your family this holiday season.

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