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  • Spring-clean for the New Year
  • Tips on clutter control

    Tips on clutter control

    1)DUMP junk mail the moment you receive it. Deal with other mail at least once a week, filing away what you need in an indexed file, card or plastic file wallets or even large brown envelopes.

    2)The five boxes method. This will clear clutter from any room or area of the house, but can look awful while in progress. Set aside some time when you won't be disturbed, put on music you like and have a treat in the fridge for lunch. The first job is to label the boxes - Rubbish, Give Away/Sell, Keep, Sentimental and Not Sure. You then go through everything in the area, consigning each item to one of the boxes. Theoretically, by the time you have got rid of the Rubbish and Give Away/Sell boxes, you should have enough space to store the Sentimental and put the Keep items back in an orderly way. The Not Sure box should be sealed, stored in basement or attic and if not needed after six months or one year, given away unopened, so that you're not tempted to keep the contents all over again.

    3) Be ruthless. If you haven't used an item in the last two years, you are not likely to need it again. Do you really want a clutter-free, streamlined home or not?

    4)One step at a time. If you can't face an entire room, break the job down into manageable tasks - the storeroom, kitchen junk drawer, the letter pile or the footwear area. That way, you won't be put off de- cluttering as just too big a task.

    5) Treat yourself to items that make staying tidy easier. Storage boxes are great for sewing and craft items, Christmas decorations and treasures that your children have made. Plastic or fabric shoe bags are perfect for storing small toys and dolls or for hairbrushes, clips, cosmetics and toiletries. Invest in some of those drawer dividers that separate drawers into a dozen little compartments - but don't fill them with junk!

    6)Don't keep buying things . Stop and think: Do I really need this, and do I have a place to keep it? Some people work on a one- in, one-out system, i.e. if you buy a new sweater or a toy for the children, then an old one goes to the charity shop or is given to a friend.

    Sell Your Gadgets for Cash

    Spring-clean for the New Year

    ALMOST everybody I know has more than a few "skeletons" in closets. Do you have things packed away in boxes and clutter that you haven't used in years - and for some reason, you just can't seem to let go of?

    One amazing by-product of the modern materialistic life is that people actually develop an attachment to "clutter" - what anybody else may consider "junk". Once you get rid of the clutter, it'll be like a weight off your chest.

    Procrastination is not the only reason you keep putting off the task. It also has to do with holding on to "souvenirs" from the past, instead of the memories. Sentimentality may be a romantic characteristic, but it can turn your home into a warehouse of relics. Spring-cleaning can be an easy chore. Just follow these three straightforward steps:

    Take stock of your current situation by defining where you are, where you are going, what's holding you back and why it is important to get there.
    Create a plan of action for the physical transformation of your space, including a realistic schedule for the clean up.
    Methodically, sort out your clutter and arrange the items to reflect the way you think, making sure you see visible, dramatic results as you work.

    After a few weeks, you will start to notice that you're throwing away more than just the thrice-weekly trash. You'll find yourself adding something more to the trash each time - things that have been lying around for years, collecting dust. The annual clean up - much more than just mopping and dusting - may drive you to dispose of items that still function but aren't used. You may find yourself doing a major makeover, re-arranging things and giving a fresh look to a room, and in the process even giving your old stuff to charity or selling off things you don't use. Modern revamp

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