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  • Tips To Help You Organize
  • The 5 D's to help you succeed in being focused :

    Tips To Help You Organize

    (NAPSI)-According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of American Demographics, the most common excuse people use for not getting organized is not having enough time. Ironically, those who are organized end up having more time to focus on important tasks and do the things they enjoy most.

    "Finding time to get organized simplifies your life and brings peace of mind, which you can't put a price on," says Ronni Eisenberg, author of 10 organizing books including "Organize Yourself." "Organization is a skill that can be learned and will reduce the stress in your life. Once you learn some basic organizing principles, you'll easily be able to apply them to everything you do at work and in the home."

    Eisenberg offers the following organizing tips to help simplify your life:

    Use only one calendar to list appointments, meetings and tasks; with more than one, there is always the risk of forgetting to keep both up to date. Also, make sure the calendar is portable, since sometimes you need to make appointments while on the go.

    Create a master "to do" list of what needs to be accomplished for the week. Then create a realistic and flexible daily "to do" list. Be aware that sometimes your priorities may change and you may not accomplish everything you originally set out to do.

    Break down large projects or chores into manageable tasks. One way to do this is to write each task on a Post-it Sortable Card. These cards are a great way to visually organize your tasks because they stick to many surfaces but not to each other. You can stick them up or sort and prioritize them in the palm of your hand.

    Cluster similar tasks or errands together. If you need to make several phone calls or go to multiple stores in the same neighborhood, try to do it sequentially.

    • Delegate assignments to co-workers or family members. By having others help you, it will give others a shared sense of responsibility and free up your time to accomplish other tasks.

    Try not to let things pile up. Set aside a time each day to file paperwork or sort through the mail to avoid overwhelming and unmanageable piles.

    Keep frequently used information and files in a place that is easily accessible. For example, keep important phone numbers near the phone or active project files on your desk. With everything at your fingertips, you won't waste time searching for information when you need it most

    Sell Your Gadgets for Cash

    The 5 D's to help you succeed in being focused :

    1) Define -Specify the time element and commitment level your required to achieve a goal. (ex: at what percent can you do this not well, but very well) You may need an hour by hour evaluation of what you already have to do to know when you might have time (or don't have time)for something else. I have great printable planner you can use for this. "Time to Plan"-planner

    2) Delegate - I love the quote "Many hands make light work". Break up tasks into halves or thirds and split with somebody else. Deputize someone as co-president. Dare to change the rules so that the weight on the chain does not remain on one link. In other words, make duties a team effort rather than suffering from the tired hero sydrome.
    Let go of smug perfectionistic tendencies by encouraging others they can do just as good of a job as you can. If you expect nothing of others you'll get exactly what you expect. Save martyrdom for a higher more pure purpose.

    3) Delete - My husband has is this new saying "I'll be more than happy to let someone else take care of that." He says it with a smile in his voice and truly means it! You may have to say "I took on this responsibility but I did not realize at the time that:
    A) I would be called to work overtime
    B) My child would be ill
    C) My spouse would lose his job and now I have to go to work
    D) Fill in the blank ________________________.

    Hey life happens! We have to be willing to let go of any faulty pride that would keep us puffed up in the eyes of others but in truth only dilutes the proper respect of ones own dignity and worth.

    4) Declare - I declare boundaries by saying "The time I have available is from the 2 O'clock to 3 O'clock hour ". If it doesn't fit the need of the one asking, then the power to negotiate you into complying is taken away from the beginning.

    5) Determine - See yourself as efficient ,kind and pulled together. Scripture states "As a man thinketh, so is he". Do you see yourself as unfocused and lacking in being definite in purpose? Don't perpetuate this image any further. Stop stinkin' thinkin' in its tracks with a positive constructive thought. For example- replace "I'll never be organized" to " I can do what I set out do and I can do it well!" You"ll be suprised what being your own cheerleader can do!

    You've cheered for others ,now cheer for yourself!

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